The Mst. Rev. D. E. Chase, Ph.D., OSP

Archbishop Chase is married to the love of his life, Lady Tia Chase. He is the Founding Patriarch and Presiding Prelate of the Abyssinian Apostolic Church, which is an independent Apostolic Rite Jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Archbishop Chase is now the organizer, developer, Senior Pastor and Establishmentarian of our national Cathedral.

The Rev. Deacon Tyrone S. Ramirez, OWP
Transitional Deacon

Deacon Ramirez is a dedicated and gifted young man who is currently studying for ordination to the Priesthood. In addition to his Priestly studies, Deacon Ramirez is also studying the craft of welding. Deacon Ramirez assists the Patriarch as his Administrative Aide.